Delinquents in Paradise

Delinquents in Paradise 1Delinquents in Paradise 2Delinquents in Paradise 3

A 12 month project with 14 – 17 year olds: to develop writing and performance skills, including residential weekends working with the artists.

The final performances took place at Salford Quays, on board Walk the Plank’s Touring Theatre Ship.

‘Delinquents in Paradise’ asked what would happen if young people suddenly found themselves in Paradise.

Charlotte Newson’s role was to create set designs and props for ‘Paradise ‘ that were suitable for a Touring Theatre Ship and to engage the young people with this process.


  • Trafford & Salford
  • Walk the Plank


  • Andy Farrell – Theatre Director
  • Charlotte Newson – Set Design
  • Louise Wallwein – Writer
  • NTF Musician
  • NTF Lighting Technician.