Emmeline Pankhurst Portrait Exhibitions

Photo Gallery Key:

1st image: Labour Party Women’s Conference

Ed Miliband on stage with the portrait.  Hundreds of women viewed the portrait and also the ‘Bags of Attitude’™ Exhibition at this event.  Women popped on the head phones to listen to the voices of the women talking to them directly as they explored the bags content and admired the designs

2nd image: Emily Wildling Davison Gala Event London

3rd image: International Women’s Day Brochure and advertising campaign.

4th image: Westminster 2013

Left to right:

  • Kate Green MP Shadow Minster for Women and Education
  • Yvette Cooper – Shadow Home Secretary
  • Barbara Keeley – MP for Worsley and Eccles South
  • Info to be added – MP
  • Info to be added – MP
  • Lucy Powell MP for Manchester

5th Image: Westminster 2013

The Portrait at Westminster with Yvette Cooper Shadow Home Secretary, Rt Hon John Bercow Speaker of the House of Commons and Baroness D’ Souza Lord Speaker.

6th image: Peoples History Museum

7th image: Sponsors and Artist

An amazing day in Chelmsford with our sponsors – Quality Solicitors . Visitors began arriving at 10 past nine in the morning! to search for photographs and see the portrait – they came from all four compass points – North Wales, the Isle of Mull, Scotland, Lowestoft Suffolk (most easterly point) and Cornwall.  I heard some very moving stories. The portrait is full of both celebration and tragedy