“Everyone’s History”

Everyone's History 1910Everyone's History 1920sEveryone's History 1930sEveryone's History 1940sEveryone's History 1950sEveryone's History 1960sEveryone's History 1970sEveryone's History 1980s/1990sEveryone's History 2000

Charlotte Newson was commissioned to create a public art work in Salford by Seedly and Langworthy Regeneration programme, exploring the areas history with local communities during the regeneration process.

In consultation with adults and young people, Charlotte Newson approached their shared history of places and era’s through architecture, location, fashion and product design from 1900 – 2000. The photography shoots were held at relevant, local locations and involved local families: we attracted a great deal of interest!

The project successfully engaged the community in the notion of a changing culture and environment.

The final images for each decade were displayed as billboards in Seedley and Langworthy. They measured 12 ft x 4ft each

Charlotte Newson’s role was to develop a creative idea, through workshops and consultation, manage all aspects of the project and deliver the final product within the specified budget and timescale.

An educational element was also designed for schools in the form of a visual history trail: exploring the images to encourage an innovative and creative approach to finding misplaced objects and identifying which era they belonged to; e.g. a plastic ‘Homer Simpson’ figure in one of the 1960’s images.

While you’re here why don’t you see how many you can spot?