Ickle Stories

Photo: ickle stories‘ickle Stories’ was an eight-month project with 8 – 13 year olds based on ‘a day in their lives’ looking at their experiences at school, going shopping, crossing the road etc. Charlotte Newson encouraged participants to write stories that were developed into a script, to make costumes and props that grew into a set, to take photographs of the area to capture moments and streets that became an archive resource, and, finally, made a film with the young people performing their stories, in costumes and sets that they had worked on. The issues explored together were around health, safety and aspirations.

The project is available on video and also as a training aid within mentoring/training packages Charlotte Newson delivers to individuals and organisations.

To request a copy please contact me.


  • Salford City Council
  • Seedley and Langworthy Regeneration Programme
  • The Big Meow


  • Charlotte Newson: Director
  • Dettie Gould: Film
  • Fiona Smith: Visual Art