Travelling Bags

An exciting opportunity to work with visual artist Charlotte Newson, for the first time. For International Women’s Day Charlotte will take women on a journey that allows them to share common experiences. Women’s handbags are often a map of their life – past and present – often carrying photos of others who may or may not be in their lives and memories. Carrying emotions, how relationships have affected them. Charlotte will explore physical items found in a bag – keys are emotive, can be many things; a safe home, family home, not having a home, sharing someone else’s home, losing your home, living in refuge.

The journey taken whilst making beautiful travelling bags will explore aspirations, where women want to go/be, who they see themselves as in a happy positive life, reflected in the design of the bag. Women’s stories will be recorded along the way and the finished bags will be exhibited to share aspirations and journeys that women in Old Trafford make.  To inspire others.

In Old Trafford women have travelled here from across many different continents, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Travelling bags aims to bring together women who are often isolated from each other by cultural and language barriers. Making new links across the community. building confidence & raising self esteem through creative arts.