Women Like You Campaign




        WHAT IS THE CAMPAIGN?   There is no portrait of  Emmeline Pankhurst in Parliament !  THAT’S SHOCKING!!! 


We are campaigning to have the Emmeline Pankhurst Portrait created by artist Charlotte Newson

entitled “Women Like You” entered into the permanent art collection in Westminster



Women Like You by Charlotte Newson

Women Like You by Charlotte Newson

‘Extra Extra Read all about it!’

Force fed Mother of five bombs politician’s home and leads march of 30,000 women……

Even today the action of the Suffragette Movement, campaigning for voting rights for women, would shock society, challenge perceptions and dominate the headlines.

The refusal of the movement to take no for an answer in their request for equality, led them to take ever extreme action, pushing the boundaries of how a woman supposedly should behave in public to breaking point.

Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested

In the late ninetieth century, women coming together to talk about property rights, the double sexual standard and equal voting rights was considered outrageous, to then take this collective voice to the streets, public meetings and to parliament was unheard of.

One women visionary, led, nurtured and directed the women Suffragette movement.

Emmeline Pankhurst. Her name is synonymous with bravery, candour and strength.

At times Emmeline was and still is a controversial figure, however her failings, successes and heartbreak make her triumph all the more great. A mother of five children  – two of whom died and, a husband who died young, she became the extraordinary founder of the Woman’s Social and Political Union – better known as the Suffragettes.

Her journey from young radical socialist born in Moss Side Manchester, to a woman in London embroiled in a tassel with the establishment to ensure equality for women’s voting rights is a journey to inspire and celebrate.

Social History. London, February 1908. Emily Pankhurst, is arrested by police officers.

The ‘Women Like You’© portrait –  is a celebration of this woman, the suffrage movement and ‘ the extraordinary lives of ordinary women’© past and present.

Charlotte asked people to send in photographs of women who had inspired them. Thousands sent in photos and from this Charlotte created her extraordinary portrait, using each image as a part of Emmeline, the warmth, beauty and vitality that radiates from the portrait comes not only from the stunning image that resulted but also from the knowledge that each photo tells a story of a woman who has inspired others. In short a ‘Woman Like You’©. The portrait is something to behold: the rich colours she has pieced together are exquisite. Photo mosaics are not new, but this one tells thousands of stories celebrating ordinary women.

Up close and personal Women Like You

This collaboration of artist, subject and viewer celebrates the very women who have benefitted from Emmeline’s radical, tenacious and incredibly brave movement the Suffragettes.

In the Houses of Parliament there is no permanent portrait of Emmeline and we think that it’s time for the woman who brought true democracy to this country to be brought ‘home to Westminster’ and take her place with the others in our history books who have fought, led and inspired change.

Women Like You celebrating extraordinary ordinary women and the very woman who led the fight for change Emmeline Pankhurst.


For more information please contact Josie Teubler Project Manager Campaign Women Like You josephine.c.teubler@gmail.com @womenlikeyou #womenlikeyou