close up ISEA commission

An interactive, audio-visual installation produced for the International Symposium of Electronic Art, to explore the notion of technology within the natural world.

The installation poses a debate: without five basic ingredients of life – air/water/sun/seeds/earth –would there be nothing else? If any element of these ingredients are damaged or absent is there a technology that can replace these elements of our environment? If not, then technology is still dependent on these life systems.

The focus is the five glowing images, designed to be tactile and to have an inherent dialogue with the materials that hold and surround them, wool, wood and water. A soundtrack of reverberating heartbeats and breathe filled the quietness. The installation can be experienced on both a sensory and intellectual level.

Commission – The International Symposium of Electronic Art –an audio visual installation exploring the notion of technology within the natural world

Supported by

  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • British Wool Board

Photo: ISEAPhoto: ISEA