Charlotte’s works are situated within a political framework; about people and social commentary, about our dialogue with the environments we inhabit, about not knowing the answer, about observing life and translating those observations into a narrative which reflects and explores issues of social injustice and power imbalance: in particular the position of women and the moral and social judgements that are made against them; buried within cultural boundaries and echoed in the UK in the under-representation of women in our political system and our judiciary – both of which underpin the concept of democracy.

Charlotte has a socially engaged practice and a studio based practice: collaborating with communities to produce some pieces in-order to engage in an honest dialogue which then informs both the artwork and her working practice. Charlotte provides the concept and framework for this dialogue to take place and choreographs the final vision. Her investigation of power and its implications for individuals, communities and the environments they inhabit is reflected in the artworks.