International Women’s Day 2011

Charlotte Newson’s work is featured on the cover design for the 2011 IWD brochure and Billboard advertising across Manchester, celebrateing the centenary of I.W.D. Charlotte is also one of ‘50 of Manchester’s most inspirational women for International Women’s Day 2011.’ Charlotte Newson was commissioned by Manchester City Council between 2008 – 2010 for International Women’s Day.


2008: “What Manchester Women Want”

  • Exhibition profiled on I.W.D at Manchester Town Hall
  • A socially engaged project working with 14 women’s groups across the city

2009: Consultation for “Women Like You” I.W.D. Manchester Town Hall

  • 100’s of photographs taken of women attending
  • Exhibition “What Manchester Women Want” Manchester Central
  • Reference Library

2010: “Women Like You” – A portrait of Emmeline Pankhurst

  • 10,000 individual tiles make up this image
  • Photos sent in by members of the public of inspirational women
  • People’s mums, grandmothers, sisters, best friends, teachers etc
  • Celebrating the “extraordinary in the ordinary lives of women”