Rochdale ‘Engaging Newbold’

Photo: Engaging NewboldAs Arts Manager for the ‘Engaging Newbold Arts programme’ by Guinness Trust Housing Charity (Newbold, Rochdale) and Rochdale SRB programme, Charlotte Newson role was to develop and implement a community involved programme that was intergenerational and multicultural. In response to this Charlotte Newson introduced a team of artists and arts companies, including Glass Eye Productions and Spearfish, who delivered a variety of art forms (dance and movement for older people, poetry workshops, graffiti and street dance, performance and video diaries) to ensure the artistic content of this programme was as varied as the people who engaged with it.

Photo: Engaging NewboldWorking in partnership with a variety of agencies, such as Sure Start and Local Authority education & youth services, community events were held, with workshops and performances at Spring Hill High School and Rochdale carnival. Green spaces and community centres were also utilised.

The programme culminated in an exhibition at Touchstones Gallery in the city centre and was attended by the Mayor, local councillors, partners of the programme, artists and community members.

The images are a small selection of the overall programme.

Workshop Gallery