What Manchester Women Want

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2008 marked two important anniversaries in the history of women’s suffrage; 1918 saw the introduction of limited suffrage (90th anniversary) and 1928 saw the introduction of full voting rights for women (80th anniversary).

Manchester City Council was keen to recognise these important anniversaries as part of its ongoing work to promote gender equality and women’s involvement in public life. Charlotte Newson was commissioned to manage and deliver the exhibition. She worked with 14 women’s groups.

The exhibition

The exhibition was entitled “What Manchester Women Want” and aimed to recognize the struggles and achievements of Manchester’s women, past, present and future. The exhibition was planned and influenced by local women working with a professional and made comparisons between what mattered to Manchester’s suffragette women of the past and to the women that live and work in Manchester today. The result was a unique record of women’s achievements, thoughts and comments on working and living in this vibrant city. The work was described as:

“…Charlotte’s way of working to produce the art exhibition What Manchester Women Want for International Women’s Day inspired the women who use the Centre to produce something exceptional and educational. She went on to repeat this process with every group she worked with. What Women Want are more opportunities to be involved in such exciting, visual, accessible and inclusive projects.”

Norma Turner, Chair of the Pankhurst Centre Management Committee.

The above is an excerpt from the Evaluation Report prepared by C. Newson©

Click on the following link to download the report as a PDF: Evaluation Report: What Manchester Women Want