Yvette Cooper MP Visits Artwork Created by Charlotte Newson

Yvette Cooper, the Labour Shadow Home Secretary and MP for Pontefract and Castleford, visited the most recent installation created by Charlotte Newson.

The Oxfam “Living Books” project was showcased at The Place in Manchester for a charity dinner and had attracted the interest of Yvette Cooper who has a history of committment to issues related to gender inequalities.

Ms Cooper spent some time discussing the exhibition with Charlotte and the theme of the commission, namely the impact of the public spending cuts on women.

Charlotte facilitated a series of workshops for women at The Pankhurst Centre where they explored and expressed their feelings about this issue by the development of a variety of handbags which resulted in the Living Books and Handbags installation.

Charlotte would like to thank Ms Cooper and other supporters at the event including Councillor Suzanne Richards. (pictured together)